New updates and products from EXO Supply!

With St. Patty’s Day festivities just behind us and the first day of spring approaching,  we want to celebrate by offering 20% off all orders  using the code: LuckyMe now through 3/22/15.

This week we’ve gotten some amazing feedback on our products; including some fantastic results by our customer Meaghan, a nail artist who posted several photos of her nails after using EXO Pure Remover over the past 10 months. Not only are her cuticles continuously moisturized, but her nails are stronger and the staining on her nails (which occurs from painting them daily) has disappeared! This is a true testament that EXO Pure Remover is the best nail polish remover on the market; and the best smelling remover too!

no stains

In other news,  we have just launched our newest product!  EXO Pure Cleanser; our foaming coconut cleanser (formerly named Conut) is available now at It will also be available at Her Story Boutique starting in April 2015! Since our promo code doesn’t expire until 3/22 – we want to encourage everyone to order the cleanser while taking advantage of 20% off! Remember to share your results on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for a chance to be featured on our page!




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