Eco-chic Health & Beauty Products Made With Organic Ingredients

Naturally Moisturizing

<span class="light">Naturally</span> Moisturizing

Infused with USDA certified organic essential oils.

Made with plant-based ingredients

<span class="light">Made</span> with plant-based ingredients

We choose only clean, eco-friendly ingredients to make our products.

No harsh smells or chemicals

<span class="light">No</span> harsh smells or chemicals

All of our ingredients in our products are free of artificial colors or scents, non toxic, and Prop 65 compliant.

Featured Product

The Beginnings of EXO Supply
EXO Supply, A division of W.O.W! Brand Products, is a manufacturer/distributor of high-quality skin care and beauty products made with natural, organically derived ingredients. EXO Supply is best known for our organic nail polish remover and our commitment to non-toxic, natural beauty products.

EXO Supply has created, branded, and marketed several products including:

Pure Remover™ Organic Nail Polish Remover
Pure Cleanser™ Foaming Coconut Cleanser
and The Only - Natural™ Multi-Purpose Home Care

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